INSPXRE is an online art gallery supplying pieces created to keep you inspired and motivated in your workspaces, all while giving back to the charity of your choice. Our exclusive collections are curated for the Millennials and Gen-Zers who are in pursuit of their goals and passions. Whether you're a student or entrepreneur, we want to keep you inspired, while YOU make a global impact to communities in need. 

During the quarantine, I started INSPXRE as a passion project. As a huge believer of words of affirmation and the power of manifestation, I truly believe that if you consistently remind yourself of your purpose, it will keep you on the right track. From my phone's background, to the vision board on my wall, I always kept these reminders around me because it kept me going. I wanted to create something that would motivate others, but also had a greater cause. With every canvas sold, you’ll get to choose the charity the proceeds go back to. So check out our collections and let's become the best version of ourselves together!

- Jon